Chai Software Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Chai Software is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We will use our best efforts to ensure that the information you give us remains private and is only used for the purposes set out in this policy.

Chai Software app specific information

VR Remote Desktop:

VR Remote Desktop will not transmit any personal information or information about configuration or usage to any external party. The following information may be stored in the app:

  • Assigned server name.
  • Server settings.
  • Hostname, IP address, optional display number or TCP port.
  • Username and password.

Camera usage

VR Remote Desktop uses the CAMERA permission in Android to display a pass through live feed from the device camera when used in a VR headset. The feed is not stored or processed in any way.


The free version of VR Remote Desktop uses Google’s AdMob advertising service. AdMob’s privacy policy is available at

Note: The current release of VR Remote Desktop requests the READ_PHONE_STATE permission. This is due to an oversight in development, and is not used. It will be removed in a future update.


VRTV uses analytics software and may collect and process the following information:

* Non-personal information about your device including brand, manufacturer, model, and operating system version.
* Version information for the software.
* Information about paths through the software.
* Frequency that features are used and how they are used.
* Crash reports.

This anonymous information will be stored by a third party (“Fabric”) on behalf of Chai Software and may be analysed using Fabric’s software in accordance with their privacy policy, found at


The free version of VRTV uses Google’s AdMob advertising service. AdMob’s privacy policy is available at

Policy profile updates

All updates of the privacy policy will be posted to this address.


For questions or comments about the privacy policy, please email

Chai Software Privacy Policy

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